Radd Enterprise

Radd Enterprise  is a multimodal business organization, which developed, established and specialized in many sectors of service.Since 2007 to till today, RE has successfully supplied various types of equipment and instruments to different Government, Semi- Government and Autonomous Bodies of Bangladesh. .Today the RE has become a Leading Distributor and Trading House for various kinds of Equipments. RE has been actively engaged in business promotion with many reputed manufacturers of Europe, USA, UK and Asia.

  • Benefits Of Our Partnership
  • A complete solution for clients of their required goods and services.
  • Alliance with many reputed manufacturers of the world.
  • Extensive experience in serving local and international clients.
  • Assistance with selection and procurement tailored to match your corporate requirement.
  • Proven track record of delivering the customers need on time and under budget.
  • Very competitive rates.

Our Clients